Within the framework of this thematic approach, PBI prioritizes accompaniment to the following social processes: recovery of historical memory, the search for justice, reparation and dignification of the victims of the internal armed conflict and the fight against all forms of repression suffered by human rights defenders.

Despite the great achievements of transnational justice in recent years (Genocide Ixil case, Sepur Zarco case, Molina Theissen case etc.), there is still a long way to go to achieve justice, dignity and reparation as well as guarantees of non-repetition for crimes during the internal armed conflict (1960-1996).

In this context we accompany the Human Rights Law Firm (BDH) and the Chicoyogüito Neighborhood Association of Alta Verapaz (AVECHAV).

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports compile the main events that have shaped PBI Guatemala's work in the last years. We hope they contibute to make visible the important work of women and men who defend human rights in Guatemala.


70 Years of Human Rights and 20 Recognising Defenders

In September, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders (henceforth, the Declaration), Peace Brigades International (PBI) invited 13 human rights defenders who are accompanied by the 7 PBI projects to Brussels. 4 full-on days of meetings that brought together advocates from America, Africa and Asia and PBI members encouraged the exchange of experiences and knowledge in terms of integral protection.


Chicoyogüito Neighborhood Association of Alta Verapaz AVECHAV


Cobán, Departament of Alta Verapaz

Area of work and rights defended

The Chicoyogüito Neighborhood Association is one of the plaintiffs in the case of enforced disappearance and crimes against humanity, perpetrated during the armed conflict in the Military Zone 21 of Cobán , Alta Verapaz, now known as the Regional Peacekeeping Operations Training Center (CREOMPAZ).


Lawyer Edgar Pérez and the Human Rights Law Firm BDH


Legal cases in different areas of the country.

Area of ​​work and rights defended

The struggle for justice and against impunity. Edgar Pérez and the BDH provide pro-bono legal representation to victim organizations in judicial proceedings for human rights violations committed during the internal armed conflict and other human rights violations that past and present.



We elaborate different types of information about the human rights situation in Guatemala, thereby offering a voice to human rights defenders working on various issues.

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