December 2022

Escalating agrarian conflict: the situation in the Verapaces worsens, Bulletin 48

The importance of good water management. Interview with Sara Ortiz, Bulletin 48

August 2022

Biodiversity and Ancestral Knowledge Law Initiative, Bulletin 47

December 2020

The onset of Coronavirus only made an already complicated historical context worse. The exploitation, repression, agrarian conflict and criminalization suffered by the communities, and exacerbated by the climate crisis, has been worsened by the pandemic. (Lesbia Artola, Coordinator of the Community Council of the Highlands CCDA - Las Verapaces)

Native peoples: self-organization and resistance to the pandemic and the State's abandonment (Bulletin 44)

August 2019

More than two years on from the tragedy at the “Safe Home”: An Interview with Leonel Dubón, Children's Rights Defender (Bulletin 41)

January 2018

Food security in Guatemala: a preventable humanitarian drama, Boletín 38