Defending the Earth continues despite Coronavirus

On 22nd April this year we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the theme is climate action. In order to celebrate this day, PBI draws attention to the plight of environmental defenders who put their lives at risk to protect their territories from economic projects that destroy ecosystems and instigate irreversible damage. 


Eduardo Bin Poou absolved for the crime of aggravated trespassing

Eduardo Bin Poou, a Q'eqchi human rights defender and vice president of the Fishermen's Association of El Estor, Izabal, was acquitted on Friday, May 3, 2019.

Eduardo was arrested on June 29, 2018 in El Estor, Izabal and charged on July 9 with the crime of trespassing on protected areas. Since then he has been deprived of his liberty in the prison of Puerto Barrios. His legal defense was led by two lawyers from the Human Rights Law Firm (BDH), Francisco Vivar and Santiago Choc, and PBI accompanied the case.


Abelino Chub Caal Absolved of All Charges

On Friday April 26, the Higher Risk Court A acquitted, Abelino Chub Caal, Q'eqchi human rights defender, on all charges following two years and two months which Abelino spent in preventive detention. The court concluded that there was no evidence pertaining to any of the accusations made against him by the Public Prosecutor's Office. These same accusations were backed by the Inversiones Cobra S.A. company, who acted as co-complainants in the case.


Absuelven a Abelino Chub Caal

Tras dos años y dos meses de prisión preventiva, el viernes 26 de abril, el Tribunal de Mayor Riesgo A absolvió al defensor q’eqchi’ Abelino Chub Caal. El tribunal concluyó que no había pruebas para ninguna de las acusaciones formuladas por el Ministerio Público (MP) y secundada por el querellante adhesivo, la empresa Inversiones Cobra S.A. En la sentencia se manifiesta que “se está haciendo uso del derecho penal como una forma para criminalizar la conducta del acusado” El tribunal ordenó la liberación inmediata del defensor y líder comunitario.


70 Years of Human Rights and 20 Recognising Defenders

In September, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders (henceforth, the Declaration), Peace Brigades International (PBI) invited 13 human rights defenders who are accompanied by the 7 PBI projects to Brussels. 4 full-on days of meetings that brought together advocates from America, Africa and Asia and PBI members encouraged the exchange of experiences and knowledge in terms of integral protection.


70 años de derechos humanos y 20 reconociendo a personas defensoras

En septiembre, con motivo del 20º aniversario de la Declaración de Defensores/as de Derechos Humanos de Naciones Unidas (en adelante la Declaración), Peace Brigades International (PBI) invitó a 13 defensores/as acompañados/as por los 7 proyectos de PBI a una serie de talleres en Bruselas.



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