CCCND work in the four Ch'orti' municipalities in the east of the country - Camotán, Jocotán, Olopa and La Unión - in the department of Chiquimula.

Area of ​​work and rights defended

CCCND carry out training and educational work with the rural communities on subjects related to the peasant economy, environment, rights and territory, and recognition as indigenous communities, all in coordination with other organizations of the region.

Description of the problem

The CCCND is made up of 7.400 people from 32 communities and is part of the Agrarian Platform. The work of CCCND revolves around the defence of the territory and its main concerns and actions focus on the impacts of projects and megaprojects on the environment and local economies. PBI has accompanied CCCND since 2009. Several of its members have received threats, including death threats, suffered intimidation and attacks due to their work in the communities.

In September 2014, during a national strike, members of CCCND were arrested while participating in a demonstration held on the Jupilingo Bridge. After three days in pre-trial detention, they were released without charge for lack of evidence. International organizations stated that this was an attempt by the authorities to criminalize human rights defenders. The violent evacuation of the Jupilingo Bridge and the arrests occurred in a context of a serious increase in attacks, threats, intimidation, acts of criminalization and defamation of the organization and its members. PBI has intensified its presence in the communities that are part of the CCCND, especially those that are seeking to be recognized as indigenous communities by local municipalities and the Guatemalan State.

PBI has accompanied New Day since 2009. Several members of the association have received threats and attacks, including death threats and intimidatory acts, as a result of their work with the communities.

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