During the first half of 2023, Guatemalan courts continued to hear important cases of crimes perpetrated during the Internal Armed Conflict (CAI): Genocide Ixil case, under which crimes against humanity and genocide against the Ixil population during the government of Romeo Lucas García are being tried; Diario Militar case, which investigates crimes against humanity, kidnapping, forced disappearance, torture and execution of at least 183 people between 1983 and 1985, during the government of General Óscar Humberto Mejía Víctores; the Luz Leticia Hernández Agustín and Ana María López Rodríguez case, which judges the forced disappearance of the two students in 1982; the Dos Erres case, a community in the municipality of La Libertad, Petén, where between December 6 and 8, 1982, a Kaibil commando of the Guatemalan army perpetrated a massacre of more than 200 people.

PBI followed all of these cases through accompaniment of the Human Rights Law Firm (BDH), the Association of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared of Guatemala (FAMDEGUA) and the family of the disappeared student Luz Leticia Hernández Agustín. Except in the Luz Leticia Hernández case, which after 40 years saw the indictment and trial of the leader of the commando that kidnapped the student, in the rest of the cases there was no significant progress and there was a strategy of delaying the judicial processes with numerous suspensions and rescheduling of hearings.